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 USDA Child Care 
 Food Program. 

Meals Provided
-Afternoon Snack
Young Preschool (Age 2)   
Our two year olds experience a safe, healthy, loving and quality learning environment. Teachers provide many opportunities for meaningful play, singing, music and movement and story time.

  Preschool Classrooms are set up with 5 major Learning Centers- Dramatic Play, Blocks, Creative Writing/Art, Science & Discovery and Math & Manipulatives. VPK offers Computer/Android Tablets

Preschool (Ages 3-4 non VPK)

Our Three and Four year old children are offered a variety of opportunities to explore their world through meaningful play. Children experience cognitive, language, emotional, social and physical development through both structured and unstructured play. Our toddlers days are filled with music, art, dance, storytimes, meaningful play and much more. 

Preschool  (Age 4) Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

Although it looks like fun and games in our VPK classroom, the curriculum we follow is packed with education elements. Games abound that teach pre-reading skills like phonemic awareness, letter and sound recognition, rhyming, sentence segmenting, onset/rime and syllables while having fun. Cognitive (process of learning to think and reason) include matching/identifying, grouping, classifying, sorting, perceiving commonalities, cause and effect, ordering, sequencing (by size, time, color) and noticing characteristics. Social emotional development refers to the way children get along with others, as well as the sense they have of themselves. Children learn to participate in group activities, show empathy, take turns, express feelings, solve conflicts with others in mind, help others, show concern for other's needs and wants, negotiate, develop friendships, and exhibit self dicipline and control.  Physical Development oportunities includes but not limited to  ​Large motor- crawling, climbing, jumping, hopping, swinging, running, throwing, catching and kicking. Small motor- buttoning, zipping, dressing self, drawing, painting, cutting with scissors and use of pens, pencils, crayons. 

Before/After School Care (Ages 5-12)
-Bayshore and Prine Elementary- 26th St W Location
- Moody Elementary- 38th Ave W Location

School age children are given a learning environment for homework, homework assistance, projects and free choice. We offer computer, crafts, board games, outdoor activities and much more. Afternoon snack is provided each day.

Summer Camp (Ages 5-12)

Activities for our campers include but are not limited to indoor/outdoor arts and crafts, *field trips, weekly science/cooking experiences, themed fun days and more!

*field trips- field trips vary and are included in the cost of weekly camp fees.
Field trips include Bounce U, GT Bray pool, Area Parks, A Children's Garden, Coquina Beach, Astro Skate and more!
Vacation Bible School is offered each summer at our 5512 26th St W Location.

   8:30am to 11:45am

  We offer Florida's Voluntary PreKindergarten
  Program (VPK) at both our locations. 
  Both locations offer 3.25 hours a day during the school year. This program is free for any  
  child living in Florida and turns 4 years old 
  on or before September 1st. ( A Certificate of   
  Eligibility is required at time of enrollment. For 
  more information contact the Early Learning 
  Coalition of Manatee County).
  VPK is designed to prepare your child for 
  kindergarten success! Wrap around care is 
  available at a discounted rate for parents 
  who need full time care.

Our locations accept subsidized childcare through the Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County (ELC)
(formerly RC4K)

Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum

Monthly Themes
September- My School and Me
October- My Family and Friends
November- Giants
December- Choices
January- Stories and Rhymes
February- I Build, I Create
March- Things That Move
April- Animals
May- Changes
June- Ocean
July- Health and Nutrition